hey my boyfriend found out about this!!!

Can I just mention how good my sex life is lol

hey dude i’ve got hardly and friends and i’m content with that

it really  honestly does freak me out who three people from my class have died this year and the school year just began

it’s pretty intense idk 

how i would kill to weigh 110

just fifteen pounds

i just hate going to school so much

just because i don’t want to make new friends i hate stupid ice breaking dumb games it just pisses me off and makes me feel awkward

i hate this

i hate that all of my friends FUCKING SUCK

i just want to die

is it bad i really don’t want to be successful

like every successful human being is such a living douchebag i hate them all

i just wanna be a loser all my life

i never wanna do anything

at all

retarded stupid dumb fucking lurkers from my school GO AWAY